Taking your time

Heathrow has been talking about putting in a new runway for some 30 years. In that time China has built 30 new runways (at least!). Sometimes it is important that we take our time to make decisions, especially when there could be a significant impact on the environment, on the society, on culture etc. Sometimes […] Read more »

Sand Dunes

If you take the ferry from Noosaville to Noosa Heads near Brisbane, the driver of the boat will tell you all sorts of stories about the area. One of the stories he told us was about a relatively large island of sand we passed, covered in native plants which now provides a barrier between the […] Read more »

All or nothing

On a recent flight I watched a documentary about the health care system in the US. I had heard before that the US spends more money than the rest of the world on health but still has the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer etc. The documentary also goes into details about how in the […] Read more »

Empty Promises

A few months ago we had to replace the light bulbs just outside our garage. We went to Home Depot, the local home everything store, and spent 20 minutes going through what seemed liked hundreds of options for bulbs. There were white, off white, yellow, colourful lights, lights that twinkle. There were LED lights, eco […] Read more »

History in the making

Recently I read a story about the history of ice in England. The story starts at Lake Wenham near Boston in the US where, in 1844, the Wenham Lake Ice Company started shipping large chunks of ice from the lake over to England. There they set up a store in London where each day they […] Read more »

Me or the planet

For years I have done a lot of research on the products that we buy in our house and use on a daily basis. I look for products that are environmental friendly, come from companies engaged in good practices, that are generally good for us. However, because we move to live in different countries every […] Read more »


The city of Sydney has recycling bins all over the city. They are easy to find and are placed right next to garbage bins to make it even easier for locals and tourists to recycle paper, plastic and glass. Last week while in Sydney I walked up to one of these recycling bins right near […] Read more »


Did you know that in the US lawns cover 50,000 square miles? That is more than three times the number of acres that irrigated corn covers, and more than any single farm crop. Not only that but it uses 60 per cent of all the water that comes out of the tap and 70 million […] Read more »


Cities around the world have been battling graffiti for years. One popular spot for graffiti and tagging artists are the traffic control boxes which are usually pretty unattractive metal boxes on the side of the road. The city of Ottawa Canada said they spend 35,000CND a year cleaning off this graffiti across the cities traffic […] Read more »

A second edition

Good news! The Sustainable MBA book keeps going from strength to strength, well enough that I am now working on the second edition which should be out sometime next year (2013). This is where I need your help. I’d love to hear from you via email (gweybrecht [at] thesustainablemba [dot] com) about what you like […] Read more »