I’ve been doing a lot of public speaking lately, quite a lot. If you had told me three years ago that I would be doing this I would have laughed out loud. I used to be a very shy person. During my MBA I would calculate how well I had to do on the exams to get a good mark considering that I knew I wouldn’t get the 10-15% for class participation. I was pretty terrified of public speaking.

How things have changed. Today this is something I am not only increasingly comfortable with but really enjoy. I try to continuously put myself in new situations that allow me to keep learning and changing. If I find a new project slightly scary I will make a point to sign up to it.

I meet a lot of people, businesses, organizations who are afraid of changing. Change is such a big word but it doesn’t have to be. I met a woman recently who just started a job as CSR manager and was unsure where to start. Anywhere I said. Start with the things you know and move froward from there. You will learn more about yourself and the people around you. If you don’t make any changes you just stand still. Life is too short, and too interesting to just stand still.