This morning I was out walking around the Byward market in Ottawa (Canada). At this time of the year you find mostly stands selling local maple syrup (right now is maple syrup time and this is the real deal!). In the summer this space comes to life and is jam packed with local farmers selling fresh local produce. This is one of my favourite spots.

While walking around the market I saw an ad on the side of one of the local buses for (the English site is As soon as I got home I checked it out online. Basically this is a programme where if you have a vehicle manufactured in 1995 or earlier you can bring it in to have it recycled in an eco-friendly fashion in exchange for $300 in cash, public transit tickets or passes or other rewards including up to $790.00 discount off the purchase of a bicycle or electric bike

The programme is part of Canada’s vehicle recycling program Retire Your Ride. The program’s global objective for the entire country consists of recycling 50,000 vehicles built in 1995 or earlier every year until March 31, 2011. All collected vehicles will be recycled and re-used in the manufacturing of industrial or common consumer products based on the National Code of Practice.