Fish anyone? Yes please, but only if it is not destroying the environments. But how can you tell?

1. Fish and Chips? The Environmental Defense Fund offers a free pocket guide that will help you find which fish is good for you and for the ocean. Fish are categorized based on three groups: eco-best, eco-ok, eco-worst. Print out the handy (and free!) one page pocket guide and carry it around with you.

2. Sushi? More interested in sushi? The EDF has you covered. They also have a handy little pocket guide on sushi. (Le guide est aussi disponible en francais).

3. Check out the local pond: Many countries have their own sustainable seafood guides. Check out these handy guides for Canada, the United States and Australia.

4. What about at the supermarket? There is an international eco-label to help you make . The Marine Stewardship Council seeks to harness consumer purchasing power to generate change and promote environmentally responsible stewardship of the world’s fisheries. (

Your decisions as a consumer can make a positive change for the seafood industry.