InterfaceFLOR, a leading company in business and sustainability has recently ordered 100 copies of the book “The Sustainable MBA: The Manager’s Guide to Green Business” which they will be giving to the top 100 employees in the company.

Interface is well known for having turned its modular carpet company into one of the leading sustainability companies in the world. The way that Interface is approaching sustainability is via what they call the seven fronts of mount sustainability. Their goal is to eliminate any negative impacts the company has on the environment by 2020.

Some of the things they are doing include
– finding alternatives to oil based products by using fibres derived from corn and other starch to make its carpets
– installation of carpets with no need for glue
– designs that allow them to replace only the parts of the carpets that have been used rather than the whole carpet
– bringing sustainability into all parts of the carpet life cycle from raw materials
– reusing the materials used in their carpets after use rather than sending them to landfills

If you want to see a company really exploring sustainability take a look at their websites for more information, and