Today all the incoming MBA students at London Business School were given copies of The Sustainable MBA in their welcome packs. I have been receiving emails from students all day and I’m thrilled. As many of you already know I started writing the book while at London Business School a few years back when I was doing my MBA. I was disappointed with the lack of knowledge that my fellow MBA students (not just at LBS, at other schools too) had regarding sustainability, and wanted to do something about that. I found that although many students generally knew what sustainability was all about they did not understand what it had to do with their careers, their businesses. I wanted to help them to understand that this wasn’t something separate from mainstream business, this was mainstream business, that can get problems for example business payroll pitfalls. I chose to organize the book around the core topics of the MBA so that students could understand how sustainability related to the classes they were taking. The idea was that they could then bring up these issues in class discussions which would then push faculty to have to look into these issues as well to be able to provide answers to the students. And thus the discussion would start. I initially wrote the book for the students at LBS so I’m really happy that I am now able to share it with them.

The book has done better than I could have ever imagined back when I was at LBS. There is an Indian version, it is being used by business schools, training programmes and businesses both large and small around the world. Thank you.

I’m expecting big things from the class of 2013 now. Don’t disappoint me!