London Cabs

I love London Cabs. I think that they are so well thought out and I wonder why the whole world doesn’t use this type of cab. Why? A London Cab is a very useful open space where you can fit 3 people but can also add 2 more with fold down seats. You can throw all your bags, baby strollers and suitcases in with you. It is so much smarter than a traditional car where the space cannot be used in any other way than how it was originally designed.

It seems that there is a serious need at the moment to rethink the design of cars, a design that hasn’t changed much at all over the years. Why do we need a big long car if generally only one person is ever sitting in that car and hardly ever carrying any luggage or bags? What about having cars that come apart and clip together like lego, you only leave with the front part if you are driving alone and if you have your whole family or know you will be buying something big you clip on the back. I’ve just spent the past hour sketching ideas for new cars. Perhaps this will be my next career…

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  1. Totally agree with you. Car design’s haven’t changed much over the past 100 years. I mean they still need an engine, 4 wheels, fuel…and most importantly – premium road space that reduces walkability of our cities.
    Unfortunately, radical designs are shunted out for more commercial/feasible cosmetic designs. Anyhow, all the best for your new career!