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CSR International Book Review, April 28,2014. “This book awakens the feeling that we can change the world starting from very little things that we have in our hands, and I really hope that it became mandatory in the education of the next generation of business leaders.

Cambridge Business Magazine, March 2014 (p.80) Book Review “It is heartily recommended…The information contained herein is invaluable to managers, analysts, commentators, academics and consumers alike.”

The Sustainable MBA 2nd edition out now! I am thrilled to announce that the 2nd edition of The Sustainable MBA is now out internationally! Other than a new subtitle, it has been updated throughly and has several new sections. Thank you to all of you who submitted ideas for revisions.


Elite Business, Book Review December 2013. Reviews already coming in for the second edition “Weybrecht’s The Sustainable MBA is quite rightly becoming essential reading for any individual concerned with the future of business, read it, re-read it, imbibe it and make it a core part of the way you do business.”

Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of the Principles of Responsible Management Education 2. September 2013. Given the positive reception and impact of the first edition, the second edition of the Inspirational Guide highlights the real implementers of responsible management education.

London Business School Growing number of Business Schools Giving Copies to Students. August, 2013. For the third year in a row, all the incoming students at London Business School will be receiving copies of The Sustainable MBA.

The World Solar Challenge 2013 and beyond I have been invited to be a spokesperson and advisor for the World Solar Challenge. This innovative race brings teams of students from around the world to Australia to race solar and electric vehicles across the continent from Darwin to Adelaide.

Global Responsibility The GRLI Partner Magazine, A Preview of Rio+20 June 2012 by Giselle Weybrecht. While many of us have attended several conferences and events, I can assure you’ve seen nothing quite like this.

Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of the Principles of Responsible Management Education. June, 4 2012 Launched today on the occasion of Rio+20 this UN report provides answers to frequently asked questions conceding the implementation of PRME and seeks to inspire further integration of PRME with examples from around the world.

Growing number of Business Schools Giving Copies to Students. May 15, 2012. This September London Business School will once again be giving copies of the book to all incoming students. Quite a few other business schools around the world will be doing the same. If you are interested please contact me for special back to school package.

How to embed sustainability into management education March, 2012. My TedX Warwick presentation all about the key role that management education plays in making the world more sustainable.

PRiMEtime is launched! September 29,2011. PRiMEtime is a blog that will bring together and share best practices on how to mainstream sustainability and responsible leadership into management education globally. The blog will serve as a platform to share and discuss inspirational activities that promote the development of responsible leaders. PRiMEtime will be a joint initiative of the PRME Secretariat and Giselle Weybrecht, author of The Sustainable MBA. New articles posted every week.

Article by Christina Vasilaki for Greek Financial Daily “Kerdos“, January 31 2012. Article about sustainability and management education. Part 1, Part 2.

Green Doesn’t Mean Lean Adelaide Now, The Advertiser, October 11, 2011. “ENVIRONMENTALLY sustainable business practices can help cut costs and give firms an edge…”

Five Questions on Teaching Sustainability for… September 2011. “A dynamic speaker, Weybrecht will speak at GMAC’s European Conference, October 10-11 in Madrid. She shared her perspective in an interview with Graduate Management News.”

Indian Edition Now Out! The Indian Edition of The Sustainable MBA: The Manager’s Guide to Green Business has been published by The Times Group Business Series and is available to purchase across the region.

London Leaders Speaking Tour September 26, 2011. Giselle was chosen as a London Leader for 2011-12. Over the upcoming school year she will be doing a speaking tour across businesses and business schools in London focused on raising awarness with students and staff about sustainability.

This September London Business School gave copies of the book to all incoming students. The book is now being used by business schools around then world as well as a wide range of businesses.

Radio Adelaide (Australia) September 5, 2011. “What role do you think big business can play in saving our planet? Giselle Weybrecht is a business person and a “Greenie”, and she believes the businesses can help save our environment.”

Journal of Management and Organization, Volume 17 Issue 5 2011. Book review of The Sustainable MBA. “managers can certainly benefit from the application of content of the book, that makes a change from much of the material directed at MBA students which is relatively standard”

Ethical Fashion Forum August 26, 2011. Author interview. “… Since then her book has seen great success, currently the go-to guide for companies and business programmes throughout the world.”

Green Dialogues India, April 5, 2011. Author interview and book review. “…But significant importance is now being attached to the role of corporate in managing their environment and to incorporate ‘sustainability’ principles…”

The Business of Branding Giselle worked with CarringtonCrisp on their long-running study, The Business of Branding. This year’s research study will have specific set of questions relating to sustainability.

Visiting faculty Tecnologico de Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Feb22-March4 2011. Courses on operations, organizational behaviour, strategy and entrepreneurship and public lectures with business leaders.

A growing thirst for water management by Sarah Murray February 7, 2011. Quoted several times “A lot of content on sustainability is still very general. They give definitions of what sustainability is and a little about what is happening in the corporate world…”

Ecolibris Green Book of the Week, Book Review January 19,2011. “The first thought I had in mind when I read this book was that I wish this book would have been published 10 years ago when I was an MBA student. Since that can’t happen, I can only wish every current MBA student will get to read it before and upon graduation.”

Book Review November/December. The Sustainable MBA presents a clear, straight-forward education in sustainability to anyone who is interested in the topic but doesn’t know where to begin.

Green Business by Giselle Weybrecht (by invitation), October 2010. Managers and employees at all levels are placing greater emphasis on sustainability.

How green is your MBA? by Giselle Weybrecht, September 9, 2010. Programs struggle to get green thinking into executive education.

How To Make Business Schools Teach Green by Giselle Weybrecht, July 16 2010. “Most of them have been very tentative about CSR until now. Accrediting bodies may be the way to change that.”

Sustainability? Zzzzzzzzzzz, Some green business ideas that won’t put you to sleep (interview with author). July 21, 2010. “Meanwhile, Giselle decided to take matters into her own hands. She takes readers through an easy-to-follow step-by-step process of going green.”

Mike Scialom meets Giselle Weybrecht, a new kind of green goddess, who is promoting the money-saving aspects of doing the right thing. (interview with author) July 2010

8 Ways to Bring Sustainability Into Any Job by Giselle Weybrecht, May 19 2010. “Even if you don’t have a job title that has the word green or sustainable in it, there are countless ways to bring sustainability into your job.” Also available in Portuguese.

Top 10 trends in sustainable business by Giselle Weybrecht, April 28, 2010. “Sustainability is taking the business world by storm. It seems that every day a new company is getting on board in an incredible range of different ways…”

A sustainable profit: How to make an MBA green by Angela Neustatter, April 8 2010. Full page feature article on the project in the paper.

10 Ways to Turn Any MBA into a Sustainable MBA by Giselle Weybrecht, April 5 2010. “In order to make sustainability the norm, we need to educate the next generation of business leaders in sustainability issues.”

Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles: My kind of town by Giselle Weybrecht, March 28 2010.

Radio interview by Blair Stein on ‘Midweek’ Ottawa, Canada on March 24, 2010 (see archives)

Book review:Outlook Business India, How to Go Green March 20 2010. “The best part about the book is that it has brought what would seem a dry subject to life. At the outset, the writer promises to provide the knowledge and tools to help you “green” your job and organisation. The book delivers on that and does much more”…

Green is the new way to manage, Sunday Times, March 21 2010

CA Magazine, Book review, March 1 2010 “This is a book that can be read straight through or used as a resource to consult on specific topics. Either way, it’s a practical aid to managers and professionals at all levels.”

Net Impact Featured Author Interview March 2010. “This groundbreaking book…is full of useful tips and advice for those looking to apply sustainability to their job, whatever job or business that may be” Liz Maw, Executive Director.

Global Business School Network, Book review by CEO Guy Pfeffermann, February 22 2010 “his is an excellent book, even broader in scope and substance than the title suggests. Indeed, while a lot of the content has to do with “green”, most of it is relevant to any business, especially “green” or not.”

Global Focus, The Business Magazine, EFMD, Jan 2010. Article on how business schools have a key role in preparing the next generation of business leaders to make sustainability the norm by Giselle Weybrecht. Also available in Chinese and as an audio file.

Career options in the field of sustainability by Giselle Weybrecht Feb 15, 2010

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