When I used to live in Paris I created my own law. If you aren’t going to use your balcony, put plants on it, enjoy it, you shouldn’t be allowed to have one! Unfortunately no one else knew about my law so the majority of balconies in Paris still have no plants on them.

You don’t often think of office buildings as being a place where plants can or should grow. Why make the place you work more colourful…it is work…it is supposed to be grey and dull. Luckily for us plant lovers there is a new way to convince your office managers to bring more green into the building and it has nothing to do with making the place pretty. Creating a green roof with grass and plants can significantly reduce indoor temperatures. It also increases employee moral as it creates a great place to enjoy a nice summer’s day.

Check out these two sites that have a whole set of fantastic pictures of what a green roof or a green balcony can look like.