The Book

Whether you are an employee, a manager, an entrepreneur or a CEO, The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability provides the knowledge and tools to help you ‘green’ your job and organization, to turn sustainability talk into action for the benefit of your bottom line and society as a whole.

Based on more than 150 interviews with experts in business, international organisations, NGOs and universities from around the world, this book brings together all the pieces of the business and sustainability puzzle including;

    Bullet point greenWhat sustainability is, why you should be interested, how to get started, and what a sustainable organisation looks like.
    Bullet point greenA wide range of tools, guidelines, techniques and concepts that you can use to implement sustainability practices.
    Bullet point greenInformation on how to be a sustainability champion or intrapraneur in your organisation including how to sell these ideas to your team and how to incorporate them into any job.
    Bullet point greenA survey of the exciting trends in sustainable business happening around the world.
    Bullet point greenA wealth of links to interesting resources for more information.

The Sustainable MBA Second Edition is organised like a business school course, allowing you easy access to the revenant information you need about sustainability as it relates to Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Finance, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour and HR, Operations and Strategy.

The Sustainable MBA Second Edition has been updated to reflect global developments in this evolving field to remain the definitive guide to sustainable business.

Who is it for?

This book is for anyone who is interested or curious to know more about the field of business and sustainability and how they can apply these ideas to their jobs, regardless of what they do or where in the world they do it. Because it provides an introduction and overview of these issues, it will be of interest if you fall into one, or more of the following groups:

who is it for?

To find about more about how the book came about read The Project.