At the beginning of all of the chapters of the book you will some wonderful little illustrations. These have been created by the very talented Paul Woolfenden. Paul lives and works in Paris. His wife is French and they have two children. His illustrations appear in Advertising, Publishing, the Press and Audiovisual communication. It’s possible his British sense of humour is tinged with a French accent.

This is what Paul had to say about the illustrations he created for the book…
“All but one of the illustrations show a stylized figure bearing a graphic feature loosely linked to the chapter heading. The aim of this combination is to mark the significance of the verb, to bear, as it denotes not only something to be sustained but also suggests a sense of responsibility. Advancing from right to left the figures meet the reader’s gaze, summarizing the dual nature of text – a combination of signs and sounds, thought and imagery.”

Paul Woolfenden / / tel-fax 01 58 59 19 53


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