0% Lemons

I recently had a one week trip to Arizona. It was a fantastic week of mountain biking and hiking. While visiting the Grand Canyon I took this picture in one of the stores on site. It is for Minute Maid ‘Lemonade’, showing a couple of nice yellow lemons, and then clearly stating that it is 0% juice. I was so amazed I had to take a picture. Is it really possible that you can call it “Lemonade” when it has 0% juice? Could they not have put in even 5%? A few weeks ago it was Honey, this week Lemonade. What is this trend of food items that are not food at all?

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  1. Simple economics no? Chemicals are cheaper than actual produce… so, as a corporation in search of additional profits moves further in that direction, you move towards chemicals. Pretty soon, lemonade will come in pill form.