In order to make sustainability a reality, we need to change the way that current and future students and employees are taught about these issues, what they are and most importantly how to put them into practice. When we talk about sustainability, we don’t usually talk about the potential of students and graduates in making that vision a reality. Every year hundreds of thousands of students graduate from business schools around the world. Imagine the impact if all of these graduates become a driving force for change. What if business schools were seen as part of the solution rather than the problem.

For the next 100 days I will be posting 100 different ways that we could rethink and reimagine the MBA, to transform it into a tool for creating the sustainable and responsible leaders that our organisations and the planet need. I’ll be exploring all aspects of the MBA, ranging from curriculum and research, to partnerships and campus activities. Some ideas could be put into practice tomorrow while other would require a complete rethinking of the way we train our students and our employees.

I will also be collecting ideas from individuals such as yourself around the world about what this future business school may look like.

For more information and to follow the ideas visit www.100futuremba.com and follow at #100FutureMBA