The past few weeks I have spent quite a bit of time furniture shopping. There are a few pieces I need to buy for the first time so I’m busy looking at how sustainable the pieces are, not just in terms of how they are made, materials etc, but also in terms of whether they are pieces I love enough that I want to bring with me each time I move and pieces that are relatively easy to move around.

For inspiration I’ve been looking through various home design blogs and articles. Today I found this interesting blog at Home Designing about space saving furniture. I’m not necessarily looking for space saving furniture now but I remember a time when I had apartments in Paris that were 3 or 4 metres squared and could have used all of these pieces. One of the examples (from the picture) is called Casulo. The box is only 31″x47″ (80 cm x 120 cm) but it carries the furniture of an entire room and it can be assembled in under 10 minutes with no external tools and zero wastage (even the external cover of the box is used). It is hard to believe without watching the 2 minutes YouTube video of them putting it together click here.

I’m fascinated by this little box, or perhaps more how much you can fit in a box. I like products that are innovative with their packaging or get rid of their packaging all together and I think that making the packaging be part of the product is definetely an interesting, more sustainable solution.