I was reading The Age today, Melbourne’s daily newspaper. Perhaps it is because I am missing my the 36degree Celsius holiday weather I had only a few days ago in Australia which has been replaced with the cold and snow that has enveloped us here in the UK.

Today in The Age there is an interesting article about perfect bananas. It says, “Our obsession with perfection is resulting in the destruction of one-third of Queensland’s annual banana crop, because the fruit is deemed too straight, too small or not yellow enough for us to buy.”

A large part of the problem, if not the reason for the problem, are shoppers who prefer perfect looking bananas to bruised or mis-shaped ones. It’s easy to forget the power and influence we have as consumers, from what we choose to buy, as well as what we don’t buy.

So when you are out at the market or supermarket this weekend, pick the ‘non’ perfect bananas. As we say here at home, the ugliest bananas make the best banana bread!

Worth checking out the full article: “What’s yellow, small and costing growers a packet”