I am a volunteer puppy trainer with Guide Dogs here in the UK. I love doing it, and since I work from home the puppies (between 6 weeks and 12 months) are my work colleagues. I have them listen to my speeches and give me advice on articles I’m writing. I even thanked the puppies in the acknowledgments page of my book. They are often a handful, but they relax me, they make me happy. and although they take up a lot of my time I am more productive when they are around. Somehow they bring you back down, when you are caught up with everything happening, they just bring things back down to what’s important. They help put things into perspective for example we had a problem, but they very quickly solved it teaching us how to stop dog barking outside at night with this they make people smile.

Dogs play such a key role in society. They help people see, help them move. They keep airports safe, work with police officers in tricky situations, even sniff out bombs. They are even training dogs to recognize the smell of cancer and sniff it out in patients. Dogs are pretty amazing creatures.

Dogs suffer from a variety of ailments, such as aching joints and anxiety, that could possibly benefit from CBD pet treats. But because we know even less about the effects of cannabis on dogs than we do of its effects on humans, you should consult your veterinarian before proceeding further, even you can visit Is It Vivid and learn how CBD helps our little furry.. Cannabis has the potential to cause numerous negative health effects in pets, and unlike in humans, it can even be lethal for your animal. Using amazon glucosamine for dogs is a great way to treat arthritis in your dog’s joints.

Yale Law School library has recently had a new kind of book available for loan, a terrier called Monty which students can ‘borrow’ for 30 minute periods to help them reduce stress levels. They say interest for the available slots has been high.

Offices are trying to engage their employees but are continuing to create office spaces that look more and more like production lines with rows of stale cubicles. We get so caught up in stuff, often stuff that really isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things for ourselves or for our companies. Perhaps what the world needs to be more sustainable is to have dogs in every office. Perhaps I will start an organization like guide dogs that are trained to work in office environments, to sniff out people who are overly stressed or who are missing the point all together. Dogs can do everything else, they can probably help us with sustainability too.

Just a little jetlagged thought for the weekend.

(picture is guide dog puppy Georgia who is now a full grown working guide dog. To learn more or to sponsor a puppy visit your national Guide Dogs for the Blind website)