I remember some years ago seeing an ad for Australia. The ad focused on how modern the country was and showed skyscappers and business people and all those things that modern, developed countries had. Later on, when I first visited Australia, I very quickly realized that the very last reason you would want to visit Australia is to see its skyscrapers. Today Australia’s ads really do introduce you to just a few of the fantastic things you will experience once you get there, the history, people, culture, music, fashion, and of course kangaroos, all those things that make Australia unique rather than just like everyone else.

Seems to me that we humans live in a series of loops. While before everything needed to look modern, today we are going back to the roots, the ingredients, the history, the story. Retro is today, modern is yesterday, everything is tomorrow.

While reading a magazine in the train I saw this ad for Kellogg’s (click here for Video version of the ad). I’m not sure if it makes me more or less likely to buy Kellogg’s, but it does make me stop and think about the history of these huge international brands, that they too, like everything else, had a father or a mother (or both) that created them. They too, like the products they sell, have a story worth telling.